Velociraptor Skeleton Replica Unmounted
Velociraptor Skeleton Replica Unmounted
Velociraptor Skeleton Replica Unmounted
Velociraptor Skeleton Replica Unmounted
Velociraptor Skeleton Replica Unmounted

Velociraptor Skeleton Replica Unmounted

£ 1,299.00

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If you could be infatuated with a raptor it would be Velociraptor, however 75 million years ago a peck on it's cheek may instead have been a bite of your head! At six feet long Velociraptors were still petrifying predators!

Genuine fossilised Velociraptor skeletons are rare, you have a 400% greater chance of getting your hands on a wild Amur Leopard than one of the dozen or so Velociraptor finds to date. Museums across the world compete for these specimens too, paying six-figure sums is not uncommon but they will still seek out reproductions for public display fearing damage, degradation or theft of the original specimen.

There isn't anything worse than owning a dinosaur skeleton that looks like it died last week, thankfully this reproduction has been masterfully sculpted to reproduce sensational bone texture that you'd believe died in a volcanic blaze of glory millions of years ago.

NB. Bambiraptor (being chased by Velociraptor) is not included but available separately.

But texture means nothing if it doesn't look sensational, that's where our artisan-grade, hand painted finish completes the effect, taking baby-fresh looking 'bones' and ageing them a few million years - beauticians hate us but older is better!

Defects among dinosaur reproductions are common too, and ghastly with visible bubbles, excess flashing, missing details to name a few. Never again shed a tear when unboxing a new replica as we've spent years developing techniques to produce perfect pieces first time, every time. Did you know every piece is formed under extreme pressure, twice that of Jupiter's atmosphere?  You do now - so expect a nothing less than flawless finish of your new Velociraptor.

And finally, fossils are just plain nerve-racking to handle, kids are strictly forbidden, fossils are often fragile, brittle, flaky, and worst of all - irreplaceable. The pieces of this skeleton are solid, tough, strong, and enduring having been cast from our all time best polyurethane resin which is on the pricey side but produces incredibly resilient casts.

All of this fine work should not be rushed and all time we take to create such a spectacular display is done so with great care and attention.  Preparation time is approximately 8 weeks depending on demand.  If your order is time critical please contact us prior to placing your order and we will endeavour to assist you.

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