About us

Welcome fellow dinosaur fan!

We take away the worry of damaging irreplaceable fossils, render costly fossil insurance premiums unnecessary and help to get dinosaur specimens in to the hands of all enthusiasts young and old without ever needing to rob a bank - or a museum - to own them!

Our humble family-run studio in rural England, UK, began trading in 2003, back then we hooked up hundreds of fossil hungry clients with genuine dinosaur fossils, until we realised that these specimens would almost always end up caged in a glass cabinet, never to be handled. Children were strictly forbidden from handling these wonders, and the home insurance premiums of our clients would creep sky-high. We thought: where's the fun in that?

That's when we began a new adventure, fossil replicas.  We cast some straight from our premium stock of fossils, others we lovingly sculpted from scratch using the latest anatomical reference materials plus our wealth of experience handling genuine fossils.

No! Dinosaurs shouldn't be locked beyond reach, forever behind glass, nor owned by a privileged few and scurried away in to private collections never to be seen again. 

We believe that anyone fascinated by dinosaurs should experience the wonder and delight of owning their own incredible dinosaur specimens, never again to be told "do not touch!"

Institutions say... We say...
DO NOT TOUCH Handle your replica to your heart's delight
NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY Snap all the pics you want - share them with us!
CHILDREN NOT PERMITTED Let your replica(s) at them!  (Just supervise to ensure they don't get at you/each other with them)
USE A LEASH AT ALL TIMES That this is sensible - we've all seen how the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park act when they're left alone!

Thanks so much for stopping by, if you need any help feel free to contact us at anytime!

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