Fresh Cast Replicas

"I made that!"

Fresh casts are a step up on model making.  They provide the opportunity for you to undertake a unique project from home - a superb excuse to take yourself away to the garage or shed and be in peace from a busy household!  Or, if you have kids then why not involve them for a nice family project?

If you are handy with a paintbrush and some hand/power tools then you'll find the fresh cast option is a rewarding craft project.

We supply the replica pieces as they are cast and you purchase any paint/bases/accessories separately (all are available at good hardware/craft stores).  You receive your replica pieces, get working on them, and depending on what you're working on you can have a finished replica in as little as an hour or two!

Small Replicas

Claws, teeth, skulls, individual bones.  These are the simplest to prepare, you will need to remove flashing from the piece and then paint it however you wish.


You will first prepare each piece as described above, once done you will have an unmounted skeleton.  Skeletons take longer to complete as there are many more pieces involved, but the process is still to remove flashing and then paint.

If you wish to mount this skeleton then you will need to do so in a way that results in a stable and safe articulation.  We mount our skeletons by drilling holes in to each piece and inserting appropriately sized metal rods with glue.

Mounting a skeleton is an art in itself.  It is immensely rewarding and can be a complex task, certainly it is impossible to accurately describe how to mount a skeleton without being present in person.  The task is achievable but only if you feel you would be able to do so with minimal guidance from us.

We cannot guarantee the integrity of a mount that is not our own, therefore we do not offer detailed instruction on how to do this and do not accept any liability for any damage or injury caused by any mount that is not our own.

Tools you may need

  • Paintbrush,
  • One small and/or one large width file,
  • Sandpaper in a variety of grains,
  • Some superglue.

If you choose to mount your skeleton you may also need;

  • A drill and selection of drill bits,
  • A base to mount the skeleton upon,
  • Metal rods/tubing.

Power sanders will make lighter work of sanding but are not necessary, if you choose to use a power sander we recommend a Dremel tool with a sanding barrel bit.

You will only require metal rods or thick wire for mounting.  You will have the freedom to decide how you mount your skeleton.