TRIASSICA is closed 1st May to 31st May 2021 - orders will be accepted but will not be actioned until 1st June


March 26 2020:

We are sorry for our slow message and email replies, we are replying to everyone as soon as we can!

COVID-19 has been very difficult to prepare for, both business and family wise. This is a truly unprecedented issue and we have sympathy for everyone impacted, their families, and businesses alike.

We have been working non-stop to prepare whilst keeping up with our work - it is still an incredible challenge.

Rapid changes internationally and in the UK have seen our plans change a number of times. These changes are too frequent and time consuming for us when we have dinosaurs to make!

We made the decision to pause shipments of claws and teeth for up to 4 weeks to help us make up for lost time and allow things to settle at least enough so that we can be confident that our next plan will last more than a week or two.

GIFT CARDS are now available for the first time on our store and at 20% OFF whilst the impact of Coronavirus affects us all. Find them here:

Our usual means of shipping small packages is temporarily affected at this time, we are in the process of arranging alternative collections so please bear with us.

During this time we appeal for everyone’s understanding and patience, but importantly we wish you the best of health and hope that we can all make a quick recovery from the impacts of this virus.

Michael, Linda, Daniel, Nikola
The Triassica Family