Psittacosaurus Skeleton Replica Fossil Unmounted
Psittacosaurus Skeleton Replica Fossil Unmounted
Psittacosaurus Skeleton Replica Fossil Unmounted

Psittacosaurus Skeleton Replica Fossil Unmounted

£ 399.99

30-day returns guarantee - you're covered!

Bona-fide, well preserved skeletons of this species are rare, and scrupulous dealers plague the market.  Enthusiasts find sourcing a trustworthy dealer a perilous experience and can unfortunately still find themselves supplied with a sack of rock fragments and dealer never to be heard from again.

Bury all that worry with our 100% complete, cast of a genuine Psittacosaurus skeleton with minimal restoration.  Look forward to receiving your skeleton with absolute piece of mind thanks to our 30-day returns guarantee.

Our longstanding technical ability to create museum grade moulds and casts ensures that every fascinating detail is revealed for your viewing pleasure.  During construction these skeletons will transform in to magnificent display pieces undergoing both negative (vacuum) and positive (high) atmospheric pressured environments to eradicate common defects associated with skeletal replicas sourced elsewhere.

Once fully complete we pack each section one at a time, delicately wrapping everything individually for safe transit to wherever you might be in the world. 

If you are a keen artist, or want a one-of-a-kind project, then we also offer here an unmounted, unpainted option so you can prepare yours exactly to your specification and know that displaying it once finished will be all the more rewarding.

Existing owners of these skeletons include enthusiasts who'd long dreamt of owning a complete skeleton as well as a number of public establishments, the latest of which is the Musée de Géologie, Switzerland who proudly display a mounted Psittacosaurus.

Dimensions (once mounted):

Metric - L: 105cm  W: 17cm  H: 37cm

Imperial - L: 41 13in  W: 6 23in  H: 14 12in


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