Velociraptor Foot
Velociraptor Foot
Velociraptor Foot
Velociraptor Foot

Velociraptor Foot

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Step forward the greatest culinary instrument to have ever graced planet earth. Velociraptor's feet are like a prehistoric knife and fork combo, this gracious raptor would stalk it's prey, leap on to it up, and pin it to the ground with it's bodyweight under the inescapable grasp of it's feet.

With the sharpest sickle claw in town, it would then slice and dice it's prey alive!

Each reproduction foot is cast under extreme pressure to capture the finest details and expertly hand painted for a rough red-rock appearance.  This foot is perfectly imperfect, why - because there is nothing worse than a dinosaur fossil replica that looks like it died last week!  Velociraptor died out some 75 million years ago and your new foot is set to look that way.

Foot - 
L: 16cm | W: 6.5cm | H: 16cm

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